Hilltown Song

I was born in this town,

Nestled amid the hills

That wrap and warp, weave

And weft their way around this land

My grandfather soared these hills,

Towed out into open blue skies,

Hundreds of feet above the floor

It’s expanse filled with people, cars, noise

But not sailing with the eagles

Or the wheeling wheeling red-tailed hawks

My nephew climbs these hills,

Learning the trees, the animals, the insects,

Studying the landscape to know how it breathes 

How to protect its heart

I drive these hills

Feeling like I can escape the world for

A little while

Both running with and from –

Flying along the routes we’ve paved

Looking for new ways to see

Old sights 

These hillside towns 

Birth and rebirth

The second time on my own terms


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