God’s Waiting Room 

I’m not welcome In God’s Waiting Room

I’ve spent too much time

Cursing Him or Her or Them

For abandoning me


All of us

I’ve committed the cardinal sin

Of hopelessness 

And have attempted 

Suicide & self-harm

More times than I can count 

I like to pretend, though, 

That there’s a place for me


A place of warmth and light


There’s no chance of being lonely

Or unloved

Of not having food or a place to be

We all feel useful 

And interconnected 

No one is judged for their color

Or gender, age or sexuality,

Weight or scars, education or erudition 

In this place

I know

Without question 

That I belong

Just as I know

That you and you and you

And them and us

All of us


Maybe God’s Waiting Room

Is the here and now

You and me and all of us

Gathered under the largest roof in existence 

Blue and gray and black all over

Where it is not white and yellow and shades 

Of sunrise-sunset

I’ll kneel now, hoping god/goddess/fates/Mother Earth

Can hear me 

and wants to hear

We’re all here

Trying to make amends


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