“It was the Chef, with the Cookie, in the Coat Closet”

So indulgent!!

Sweet Sarah's Kitchen

Chocolate Overload Cookie pileI started out this day, remembering when I used to play the game of CLUE.  What a fun game of twists and turns, and my favorite, the who-done-it!  Well it’s not a mystery about the world’s most popular indulgence, and that’s chocolate!  The variety in which we can consume this magnificent plant-based ingredient is astounding.  Daily I see new recipes involving the masterful cacao bean.  The process in which chocolate is actually made is an amazing miracle in itself; somewhere between the dawn of mankind and how the Kardashian’s became famous.  *If you have not witnessed this miracle, You Tube it*

cacao beans rawWho knew something so tiny, could create something so wonderful!  As you know, I love the history of where all our food begins.  Today is no exception, but today, we are moving right on to the meat of the operation.  I can’t cookie enough! 

Cookies make the world…

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