New Moon

What lies in the darkness?
You say it’s the new moon,
But you say many things,
Little of which have meaning in
The reality that I live in.
What’s real, you ask?
This road,
These trees curving overhead,
That flash of heat lightning
Lighting up the insides of
Those stripes of clouds,
This song from the ’80s
I’m blaring in my car,
Windows down, wind whipping my hair,
As I drive these roads from
Twenty plus years ago,
Transporting me
And transmuting me…
Because now the song has changed
And so have I
Instead of pining for acceptance
So fervently
I almost bled with the need of it,
I’m breaking
Those walls,
That ceiling,
Those anchors and shackles and chains
And breathing oh so deeply
Of the freedom
Only I could give myself
Instead of breaking myself,
I’m breaking away from you, from who I was, from all of those
Limits I let the darkness set upon me…
I set upon myself
I am the New Moon around here
And my powers
Hold sway

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