The Other Side

On the other side of “Sweet Home Alabama”Are memories of getting butter pecan coffee

While riding in a powder blue

13 passenger van,

Seeing Sarah McLachlan in

New Orleans in a theater with cloudy skies

On its ceiling, after trying

Beignets and chicory coffee, 

Buying a beloved Starbucks mug that

Depicted the world,

Visiting Graceland and being disappointed 

That it wasn’t tackier,

Selma and being speechless,

Chattanooga and watching

“Interview with a Vampire” 

Over Thanksgiving 

On the other side are memories

Of the 1st annual Mobile AIDS Walk

And the horse-drawn carriage with the 

Grand Marshall, whom I later visited

In the hospital before he died 

It’s a homeless count, lentil burgers,

Flying roaches, fire ants,

Watching tv together, 

Loving the individuals from L’Arche,

Running down to Gulf Shores, 

Spending Friday nights at Cameron’s 

Playing the jukebox,

Mardi Gras, Roll Tide, hurricane preparations 

And becoming more myself.

Yep, the other side of

“Sweet Home Alabama” is 

My wanting to go home there again.


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