Oust that fat bastard

From your back

Where he’s been riding

Rent free for years

Telling you

You’re too fat, too old, too emotional 

Eject that bitch

Who judges you with every breath

Every risk you take

Every opportunity you take

To be more yourself 

As she tells you 

You’re too dumb, too boring, too blah

Drop kick those voices

Those beings taking up space

In your head

In your heart

Overthrow the bullshit

You’ve bought into 

And replace it with 

The cold hard light of reality 

He was fat & lazy, limited and 

wanting you to feel small so he could feel tall

She was insecure and 

Scared of being found out, tearing you down

To build herself up

When the lights are on, 

You come out

The you that was always there,

But lay waiting 

For either empathy or anger

To fuel you in moving forward 

And out of that bleak mess.


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