The Space Between 

The Space Between 
I tried Go Between, but

Kept hearing Dave Matthews singing

“The space between…”

And so there went my mind
To a time before DMB,

When I crossed

The space between his place and mine


Trying trying trying

To show him (me?)

That I was worth caring about

Was more than a tool for sex
But I let myself be no more than a toilet

A spittoon

A trash can

Use me –

toss in whatever you need to get rid of – 

and walk away.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!
That space between 

Was, in truth, and still is,

IN me
If I can figure out how to close that void

Erase the belief that I’m a tool to be used

That I NEED to be useful to be worthy
Surely then I’ll rule the world
Or at least

My little space in it


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