In a Moment 


Faster than I could see,

Slower than I wished,

It came

The tree limbs have

Promises along their tips,

If they aren’t already playing peekaboo,

Like that red one there

Or the weeping cherry

With her trimmed up

Short skirts


In a forth of

Pink flowery flounces

There’s a herald of golden trumpets

Masquerading as tulips

Gathered by the road

And not too much farther

I see a crazy haired forsythia 

Throwing her yellow tresses back in

Delighted laughter

At seeing the sun

And feeling it’s warmth

At last

Crocuses are gossiping 

Dressed in white and purple,

Lilac and jaune, 

Petite pixies giggling in gaggles

In a moment 

The sooty salty snow


And the world was reborn 




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