When I am a Bird

There are days
At the gloaming hour

When the sky is stained with color

And I am sailing along in my car

Taking a corner fast

Coming over a rise

And suddenly 

In my mind

I am launched 


Leaping free from windows bumpers seats

Straight into the waiting sky

I can unfurl my

Magnificent mighty wings

Stretch them wide 

And start pumping

Muscles pushing me farther and farther 

Higher and higher

Nearer to sun and moon and stars

Strewn across an indigo blanket

Just a little bit more

And as I’m straining, 

Feel like I’ve almost topped out


And barrel toward the ground 

Now I am a bullet


Dusky feathers being teased by the

Wind’s canny fingers

Swooping now,

Sliding into a roll,

Then stretching wide again

To soar and glide and skate through

The sunset

Overseeing the earth

Feeling free

Heart strings 


Of Hope

Once more


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