Friday 5’s

1. The F-Word that best wraps up my week is FUCK, I came back from FLORIDA for this weather?! For realz?
2. The Fresh ideas and insights of my Fo-real cool as shiznet therapist really fires me up. (And gives me hope, moving me out of the F’ing quagmire.)
3. I noticed that I’m least likely to write when Frustrated and Feeling Fraught – I just can’t seem to loosen up my brain and so it ends up feeling like it’s cemented into gray bland sadness and depression- not a good state. 
4. My muse goes into hiding every time I allow the depression to submerge Me – I honestly feel like I miss my Real Self right now. Anyone seen her out having hijinx and shenanigans somewhere?
5. I’m ready to DO THE SPRING INTO SPRING DANCE!!! Gimme some sun!
“Let the sun shine! Let the sun shine in! The suuuuun shine iiiiiin!” Not my favorite song, but it’s what started playing in the brain following the last sentence.


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