Too Much, Not Enough 

I have found Laughter and frustration 

With this online dating 

But in truth,

It is also 

Tonight I was talking to a man

Who said 

I was almost enough
If only I’d lose weight
And I’m catapulted 

Back to childhood 

And feeling not enough 

And too much

This skin and bone


Which I’ve erected,

I’ve cursed myself with,

Is also 

A key
Can you see the me




The flesh?
Can you not tell me

That my face or smile 

Is beautiful,

But just say and mean



All of me




And down
And even as I take 

A stand,

Tell him I need someone who

Can love all of me –

Curves aplenty –

I am weeping

For being found,

Once again,



9 thoughts on “Too Much, Not Enough 

  1. They are fearful of their own flaws and seek to point what they believe to be a flaw within you. But it is not your flaw. It is their inadequacies that they seek to mask and hide from by telling you those words. Those people aren’t carrying enough worth to correctly identify your worth. Keep. It. Moving.

      1. You are welcome. I understand. Take a moment for yourself. But tomorrow be sure to walk past them all like you have gold in your heart and honey between your legs.

  2. Jennifer we really are kindred spirits. Tonight I was so frustrated by my weight that I aid to my husband, “I am ready to check myself into a weight loss clinic!” He responded, “why would you do that? I think your body is beautiful!”
    They are out there. Believe in your beautiful self. You are so much
    More than any one measure of yourself!

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