Although I think there were times

When I wished for invisibility,

It was a fleeting feeling
I want to be seen,

To be worthy of notice

To feel all 5’6″ and curvalicious me

Strutting down the street

Owning my space in this universe
I refuse to 

Chop myself up

Carve away the fat

Squelch my authentic Self

Because she is too much,

To smart, too bold

For you
And don’t give me that shit

That it’s

For my own good,

Because 44 years in

I know my good way better 

Than you ever will
Especially as I plan to

Plant my heel, pivot, 

And skip merrily away from

Your noxious atmosphere 
So you keep yourself 

Warm in the cold

And I’ll keep grooving and loving

My Self and me

As I grow up 

And you disappear 
Racists, ageists, body negatives, and imbeciles

Need not apply


3 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. For some reason, a picture of this statue popped up in a pixabay search for images tagged depression. I love it! I love her confidence and her sensuality. Love that some modern sculptors still depict REAL women!

    1. Oh I love that. I love the #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive movement I see on Instagram. I see big, real women looking proud and beautiful and think to myself – what’s wrong with this? What’s so destabilizing to advertisers and clothing manufacturers that these women are ignored?

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