The Light We Feel

Fire and flash

Sometimes tiny sparks

A shared love of ice cream,

A laugh over a precocious child
Sometimes sparklers

Shooting out showers of arcing sparks

Shining glitter in the dark

From a shared experience,

Cultured hope
Sometimes bonfires, hearthfires,

Born of many years of comfortable 

Friendship that’s endured tests

And some betrayals
But there are those times,

Lightning bolts, 

Zigzagging Aurora Borealis 

Watercolor strokes painting the skies
These unexpected and incredible 


Electrical, sudden, a little painful,

But ultimately life affirming,

Soul filling
They’re the connects when we come

Out of the Dark

Share our stories 

I’m some way

And there are our Tribe

Holding us 

Murmuring “Yes”

And reflecting their own pain back
Somehow those black reflections 

Spark the biggest lightshows of all
And it’s the light we feel


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