The Hallmark Channel is Bad for Your Health

These sappy stories
Happy endings 

Fairy tales of the most

Fantastic nature
Sagas of love found,


Dreams fulfilled,

Perfect job, children, pets, life
A man looking beyond sex,

No – sex isn’t really at play –

These relationships are almost 

Elementary school in passion… but

So sweet,

So romantic,



Because I’m here to tell you

I get called beautiful 

Then asked about my bra size

Get compliments for being an artist 

Then asked about my favorite position 

Questioned about teaching

Then told they’d like to suckfuckbuck me…
Gee, thanks guys

Glad to know I’m fuckable

But that

I knew
I want MORE
I am looking for passion 

Married to laughter,


Linked to drive,


Tied to real, honest humanity.
When you get a Self,

Drop me a line.
In the meantime,

I’m having a scandalous 3-some

With Ben & Jerry…


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