Dreaming of mindless
beach bathing,
bobbing in the bay,
bright blue skies
and azure waters

Dreaming of frozen slushies
hiding their adult natures
with two part names like
Alabama Slammer, Bahama Mama,
Rum Runner, and Mai Tai
the name must be fun
for the drink to result in
relaxation and silliness

Dreaming of the sun
gazing down at our poor pale skin
and toasting us a lovely brown color,
maybe now our differences will be less obvious
we’ll all dance underneath the shining orb,
celebrating the rebirth of warmth and spring
and growing things

Dreaming of hot sand under my toes
and the smells of salt, sweat, suntan lotion
mixing for a beautiful bouquet
that is particular to beaches in the summer

Dreaming of my love
by my side,
we’re people watching and laughing at
the antics of these animals known as humans,
knowing full well that people likely do the same with us

I’m dreaming of leaving reality
and running to the beach,
to the spring or summer,
sunshine in abundance,
and hope in grand supply


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