At one pointI dated two men

Tony & Pete

Pete was nice,

A blue-collar worker

Who loved car shows,


His black lab,

And two daughters.

We went on a road trip

To Charlottesville, Virginia 

And the Blue Ridge Mountains

I loved the College 

And all the funky shops

And eateries…

He insisted on eating 

At Subway 

He was a nice guy

And really seemed to like me,

But I wasn’t all in


Was middle management,

Went to JMU,

Was tall and darkly handsome,

Also sexy as hell

He was still struggling 

With his divorce and


The custody of his two sons

He had lost a bunch of weight

Related to losing his wife

Who lost weight and

Got herself a boyfriend 

We never did anything major,

Other than sheet sizzling hot sex

But he was never fully with me

Not even in the moment 

Of sheerest pleasure 

There was something restrained 


Not me,

Oh no, 

I fell hard for Tony

And broke it off with Pete…

But Tony was not available 

And eventually he stopped calling

Or texting 

And my heart broke

But now I look at my options 

And I’m glad I broke it off with Pete 

And know I’ll always be looking 

For someone like Tony

But who looks in my eyes

And is all in


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