Fault Lines

Fault Lines
It’s not my fault

I was born broken
Not my fault

I looked all over for validation 
Not my fault

I craved connection

Or human interaction 

Easy acceptance 

And it’s not my fault

That I used sex to find love

Not my fault

That I was always the “dramatic” one

Not my fault

That I got sick when dwelling in depression 

Or ate until I hit overfilled 

And hid my wrappers in shameful humiliation 

It was never my fault

That I wasn’t good enough 

Not my fault 

That you couldn’t fully love me

Not my fault

That your fucked up perception

Of what’s wrong and right

Didn’t include treating people humanely

Or looking beyond yourself 

It was never my fault,

But I hated myself with a passion 

Born of

Finding fault.


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