Scenes from Coffee Shop

In this one,
I take my niece

And she always gets

Their bagel with cream cheese

And a great big hot chocolate

Topped with a towering sploof of

Fluffy whipped cream

She also plays shy

With the owner, Adam,

Who is always kind

In trying to draw her out

In that one

I have a gigantic hot chocolate

And an even bigger

Bell-gian (it’s Bell’s Coffee Café)

Waffle dripping with 

Melting butter and

Brown sugary maple syrup

Kaitlyn meets me

And has a flavored latte

And we exclaim over one another’s

Rainbow colored hair,

Art projects,

And tendencies to over commit

Here I tutor a high school student 

One day

And a woman getting her Masters degree

The next

Here I bring my students every June

And we select books for

Summer Book Club

(Somehow the fact that it’s a “club”

Removes the educational onus

And adds a coolness quotient –

Or maybe that’s just me,

The Queen of Cool…)

I’m back to the first place, 

Having lunch with a friend,

And doesn’t my mom stroll in.

She joins us –

Complete with bagel

And cream cheese,

Coffee instead of hot chocolate

(I had a Turtle Latté – Heaven with chocolate and caramel and a sploof of whipped cream)

She tells us how

She introduced herself to the owner

Saying, “I’m Jenni Sekella’s mom.”  

He tells me,

She’s a riot


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