Covering Ground

I’m covering groundI’ve covered before…

In fact, I covered this ground 

Almost non-stop for 18 years,

Then increasingly 


But now I’m back to

Covering it 24/7

And at first,

That weighed on me

I was walking ruts into this land

I was turning it into stone

From lack of love

From constant pacing

From a steady diet of

Toxic loathing


Somewhere along the way,

As I covered this same old ground,

It changed


You see,

I changed

My tears turned fertile

As I turned them into words on the page

My dreams of painting 

Became reality

Because I stopped telling myself 


My teaching

Stopped being about the system 

And became about my kids

And my ground

Opened up

To loamy blackness

Letting my toes curl in and gestate

Set roots and


Really grow,

Until the day I realized 

I was blooming damnit

Every single day

And now I dance

And tiptoe 

And traipse

And gambol

Along this ground

As it’s become 

My playground 

My garden

My haven




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