I will not wake up

I will not greet the sun

I will not shake these shackles

From which I often run

I will not hate lethargy

I will not rail ‘gainst the gray

I will not talk smack

To the elephantine depression blocking my way

I will not rise above

I will not fight free

I will not ask for help here

Because cobwebs are binding me

I will not quote Seuss

Nor make a mockery of where I am

I will not feel crazy

Though I am, Sam I am…


I will give myself today

For nothings, nadas, nils

I will allow that blandness


To swallow up my 


Tomorrow I’ll rise on trumpets

I’ll hit the floor

With a symbolic shout

But today,

I’m choosing oatmeal 

As my brain matter

I’m tagged out.

– written as a part of @diveintopoetry hosted by the inestimable Jena Schwartz, poet, writer, promptress 


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