What Darkness Does

The darkness
bathes me in night’s shadows

Draping me in purples and inky blues
shadows and hollows

Cottoned in that cool and salty smelling wetness
that whispers along my skin

It hides and exposes me,
in equal measure,
leaving me to open up whatever parts of me
I choose

Those pinpricks in the sky
reflections of the sun I cannot see
sparking off lights inside of me
shattering all that I’ve kept inside of me all day,
All I’ve jailed up, caged up, boarded up, and shut down

Here, right here, with the darkness as my sister,
I can release it all
free those feelings, those hurts,
allow the passion to reign free for a moment or two or twenty
because here I belong

What the darkness does
is allow me to be me,
allow me to be free
allow me to breathe deeply
and to see

This is what the darkness does.


Photo from Google by Tunc Tezel


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