Wild & Beautiful Things

I’m not much of a yogi
in fact,
the idea of me being a yogi
is quite laughable,
yet, if I were to look at my life,
at the way I’ve stretched and bent,
the way I’ve reformed my spine,
reclaimed my heart and head,
reaching for height and depth and

I heard about the beautiful lotus
growing from the muck and thought,
yes, this is me
this is how I have found myself
this is how I have discovered, accepted
my own absolutely divine beauty –
both inside (which everyone tells us about from when
we’re wee young things)
and outside –
even in my chubby, curving, pudge-tastic body
even in my not just right skin,
even in my body with diabetes, high cholesterol,
and the oh-so-sexy bipolarity…
I am a goddess in my own right
because I am a part of the female divine

All that muck,
all that funk,
all that black shit that seemed like it would
bury me and rot my bones…
it has created the most amazingly fertile bed
for my rebirth, regrowth, recreation

So here I am,
wild and beautiful


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