Day 3 – Vows

I vow

To be at least as kind to myself 

As I am to others;

To show myself how generous my heart is;

To kindle a warm flame of hope for the future,

And not allow self-doubt to douse it;

I vow to take calculated risks,

And a few uncomfortable ones simply

To remind myself that I am alive

And living can be awkward –

Which is ok;

I vow to choose healthy beyond mental health,

Because I recognize that there is more 

To being all there beyond prescriptions 

And the therapist’s chair;

I vow to journey – in and out, 

Because adventure inspires;

I vow to actually save money,

Because I feel more in control,

And I trust myself more;

I vow to trust myself 

Because if I can’t, who will?

I vow to make this a year

Of fully,




Not shackled by fear,

Living, loving, growing, writing… 

I vow.
*Written as part of Dive Into Poetry, an online writing group lead by poet, promptress, and amazing human being, Jena Schwartz – host of The Roar Sessions and cohost of online writing community, The Inky Path, on Facebook.


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