Do not think like me

Do Not Think Like Me

Do not think like me

A few years ago
That me

Hated me
If you must think like someone else

Until you’re sure of yourself 

Think like me now

When I am weak

And surrounded by darkness 

Tarry blackness

Wanting to drag me under

And suffocate me

With hate and hurt
I think I am a ninja

Kicking the shit outta that

Nighttime monster


That daytime

Waking hell
When I am 

Stumbling around 

In confusion 

And feeling 

Lost in the morass,
I think I am 

Christophera Columbusina
Yeah I’m navigating my way

To Jenstopia

Eden of the Jen-kind

Home to Jen the goddess

Jen the giant

Jen the imperfectly perfect

Artist writer teacher student lover loved 

Human merely being 

(Props to e.e.)
When I am 

Not sure who I am

I draw myself a picture 

And find my reflection 

I look at my friends 

And family (sometimes)

I look at puppies and children

And I find my heart

And boom

There I am 
Don’t think like me, though,

Think like You


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