First Snowfall

There is a little dusting

Of snow from the moon’s path

Last night,

But now I find 

I want a real snowfall

The kind that recreates the world

Crafting fairy splendor 

Around all the things that are barren,

Denuded of foliage,

Houses in need of painting,

Cars sagging on blocks,

Empty lots…

They all become magical overnight

Graced with white frosting and lace

Curlicues of lightest blue

The sun hits the scene and suddenly

The landscape is covered with

The finest web of diamonds

Sparkling and casting rainbows 

Into the air, your eyes, my cozy room.

Even as I hate winter,

I love it for reminding me of how 

Lucky I am to have 

A warm place to burrow

Under the covers,

And the transformative effect

Of a good coat of white and great lighting.


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