The Fading Oasis

Then there came a day

when she realized

that the sunlight was retreating

like the tide

to the endless pull of the sun


And the colors, in the leaves,

in the trees,

in the sky,

were being leached out

and called back to the earth


The spiderwebs were taking over

and the skeletal fingers of the branches reaching high,

the gray was rolling forth

along with the beiges

and browns and breaking shadows


But, she had moved beyond being controlled by them

The Blackness no longer owned her

she steered her own ship,

chartered her own course

through the midnights that lasted for days


Even if she wasn’t always certain

where she was going,

she knew where she’d been

and where she refused to return


And to whom

she would no longer turn to,

even if that person

had once been

her very own



2 thoughts on “The Fading Oasis

  1. wonderful writing here, Jen—and wonderful moving forward—“the blackness no longer owned her/she steered her own ship”—so wonderful, so powerful…”she knew where she’d been
    and where she refused to return”…and the last so strong stanza…i felt like cheering for you and nearly crying myself…

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