Yes – No

Driving this afternoon I hear Yes

In the slant of the sunlight

Turning the golden leaves

Into stained glass 

I hear Yes

In Peter Gabriel

And Dave Matthews

Singing along with me

As we careen around corners

And over hills

Coated in a patchwork quilt

Of corn, grains, soybeans,

And dense multihued woodlands 

From somewhere 

I know not where

No enters my bloodstream

Screams across my nerves

And suddenly

I’m envisioning 

Thrusting a knife 

Into my wrists

Driving my car 

Over the edge

Leaping headfirst 

Off of an abutment 

Which creates a 

Bigger, badder No

In remembering someone 

Commenting on a sad woman

With whom she worked

Who jumped from an overpass 

Onto a highway below

She scathingly stated

That the woman 

Obviously wasn’t serious 

Since she jumped feet first…

Ignoring the sadness

And desperation which would 

Lead a woman to park her car 

On a bridge with the intention 

Of leaping into the void

Onto a paved highway

To this, my No 


And weeps 

Bringing me further 

Into the blackness


A little Yes ends up winning,

Because I painted faces

For 2 hours

And those little girls,

And their daddies or daddy-figures,

Sprinkled me with some fairy dust,

As I coated them in glitter,

And so Yes

Will put me to bed

Painted love somehow

Won the night


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