This Place

I do my best lingering

In the car


Watching the scenery change

With the miles

Watching highway morph

To byway

Semis give way

To gilded hills

Topped by lazily turning wind turbines 

Heading northwest

Into the Finger Lakes

And back 26 years

Meeting a classmate of long ago

We each sat on the settee

Drank deep of Moscato, I think 

Or was it Prosecco?

And voluntarily cracked open

Our own rib cages

To exchange pain

The flow of pain

And tears

Amidst fermented bubbles


Lightened the darkness 

At least a little, 

Though it was scary, too

But we refortified with dinner and more drinks

Fries and more drinks

While flirting with the bartenders

Eyeballing the male patrons

And dreaming out loud

The night ended with me curled up

On her couch

Warmed by her cocker spaniel

Whom I wanted to take home for my own

The morning drive home

Accompanied by hot tea, with Splenda & skim,

Singing loudly to various radio stations,

Was another dive into beauty

Even as I had to grow up

And try to “adult” again


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