By the Sea

Place – 
A gently worn cottage by the sea. Small, but with lots of windows, room for guests upstairs, room for my art, a big living room with a wide deck for me. If I have not yet met my love, I will be ok, because I will have my troop of abandoned dogs, motley, maybe even ugly, but all beautiful and beloved to me. I might even adopt a cat to keep all of us, including me, in my place.  
I will happily gather friends, the family of my heart, whenever I can. And just as happily, I’ll send them on.
I’ll paint and students can visit for tutoring, stay for tea or maybe chocolate chip cookies. We’ll talk about all of the most important things in life – friends, food, animals, and any questions for God that arise.
I will sometimes be lonely in my house by the sea, but I can always get in the car and visit the town, insert myself in Life, or walk with my 4-legged troupe de canine.
I will decorate it with the art from MY adventures and which suit MY wild, spirited, emotive, colorful self – and know that they are beautiful and a reflection of me.  
I will not paint my walls white and beige throughout OR gray throughout. God save me from a sea of singular color.
I will have many rugs that will get dirty and sandy – so I’ll have a rail where I hang them and beat them, thus relieving tension and anger as it accrues.  
I’ll have an assistant – she or he gets free room and board somewhere in my cottage – and she’ll be the big sister I never had – she’ll help me without doing for me. She’ll take care of the day to day stuff that I tend to neglect because I get so passionate about what I’m doing. And I will thank her in myriad ways so she never regrets our friendship or relationship. (Hmmm – maybe I’m actually looking for a wife. I’ve never seen that before now.)
In this place I will find peace and art, wholeness and love, Self & Spirit. 
In my house by the sea.


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