All In

Too often


All in is

Too much

Too far


Give me an emotional cliff

And I’d launch myself from it


Never stopping to

Consider the

Canyon floor

Far below


And frankly

There are times

I’m damn sure I did,

If not for forever love,

Then for

Incredibly amazing sex

And laughter

With you

For years


It’s 12 years now,

Though I haven’t actually seen you in 4,

But every time we talk

It heats my blood

And warms my heart


Being with you

Being open to you

Knowing you were totally open to me


Arms and legs

Laughter and sweat

Hot hot creative sex

All over the bed

And shower

And back again



All in






You licked me to life

And my candle hasn’t fully


Even now


I live for another chance

To be

All in

Or rather,

For you to be,



And if not you,

Then a new version of you

Who is not you,

But instead

Is even more

All in besides…


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