Big Love

You can look at me
Breathe lightly in my ear
Touch my hip
And I’m suddenly full of
Molten lava
Thinking of how you can map
My body with your mouth
Your hands
You are my favorite artist
And I adore modeling for you…
Just like Michelangelo
You find the art, the sculpture,

And I’ll get you back
When I walk into the room
With a huge cup of hot chocolate
Piled high with whipped cream
And I take a sip of that hot, foamy brew,
Look at you knowingly
And know your legs are trembling
And the hair on the back of your neck
Is standing up
Waiting for me to unthaw you from
Where you’re waiting

When I need you, I know you are there for me
You stretch out to comfort me
Letting me be vulnerable in a way
I’ve never been before
Which is both terrifying
And wonderful
You make me spaghetti,
A side of cheesy garlic bread,
The tomato sauce cooking for hours and wending its way
Into all of the dark spaces I’m feeling full of right then.

When you need me, I wrap my arms and legs around you,
Or pull your head down on my chest
And let you release your trials to me, as I stroke your back
And run my nails along your scalp
You tell me about what frustrates you, who’s making you crazy,
What you can’t control,
And we rail at the world together,
Then I make you laugh as we watch any kind of stupid comedy
We can find on t.v. or pull out old videos with Jim Carey acting a fool.

We take random drives around the hills and valleys
Of the Finger Lakes, or wherever life’s journeys take us,
To chase the sun as it’s setting,
Trying new foods, sampling new drinks, taking photos of one another
That clearly convey the love we feel for one another.

We have our own customs, rituals –
Decorating for Halloween,
Cutting our own Christmas tree,
Which can not be a perfect specimen –
The Charlie Brown-ier the better.

Most of all,
We are the best of friends
Who are also lovers
And we thank our stars
For the blessing of the flawed (but perfect for us)


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