Nika Ridley: Musing on Pleasure

A good example I’m going to strive to follow. I don’t fit into anyone’s idea of normal or boxed in – and trying to “fit” usually makes me crazy mad, sad, hopeless. So, why not carpe the hell out of this diem?

The Roar Sessions

Photo credit: Benjamin Aronoff of Fogline Studio Photo credit: Benjamin Aronoff, Fogline Studio

There seems to be some sort of overarching societal expectation that women should simply do without, whittle ourselves away to nothing. That we should serve others, at all times, before ourselves, whether it be emotional labor or actual physical acts of service. This is in evidence in family structure, housekeeping, child rearing, in jobs of all sorts, from manual labor to corporations to academia, and, magazines, dieting, plastic surgery, and, of course, on the Internet. And of course, who better to police ourselves than we women ourselves. And I think that began as a way of keeping ourselves safe, during the takeovers of women’s sovereignty and power and property by the church, the inquisition, the witch hunts. “See, see how good I am I am giving all of myself for the good of others and I am not deriving any pleasure or free time…

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