The Sound of Silence – Redux

Hello Darkness once again,

Reminding me of how alone I’ve been,

Reminding me of how I hate my life,

Reminding me I’ll always feel your knife,

As you manage to choke me with the scars of my own pain,

Drowning in frigid sorrow – how the fuck did you win again?


Over and over, I walk in black

Get lost in mazes, I’m losing track

Is this my mind or your creation

Is there a difference – I pace the pavement


I cannot tell if I’m in the world or whole,

My mind so tortured sometimes I lose my soul,

I think one moment that I have you beat,

I dance with joy and sound the horns at your retreat,

But then you’re back, a fog trickling, seeping, creeping

And I’m unconscious again, capable only of weeping.


How long can I fight, beat at Hope’s door?

How can I know if I’m really me any more?

Can someone please show me the way –

Or at least tell me if this evil’s come to stay?


In the neon lights I wail,

But never seen, Hell prevails,

Bruised and bleeding, my limbs no use,

Heart pumps, lungs inflate, both my noose,

They tell me someday I’ll ride this out,

Dreams of death they fill my mouth.


And though I sing and bow and pray,

Look for sunshine, or some other way,

The signs around me all point to no

All paths to darkness seem to flow,

I hear a whisper

It was the Sound of Silence.


*Apologies to Paul Simon for manipulating his song.








2 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence – Redux

  1. wow—fantastic poem—as i think i’ve said before, when you put feelings like this out there, there will be someone who will see it and it will help them…i know what you mean: hesitating to post this…..but it is so important to express the dark side, the hurt side, the bleeding side….unfortunately, there a not so subtle bias toward positivity and gratitude—sometimes it makes me want to scream—life can be so painful, terrible that to not feel you wish you wern’t here, that death doesn’t call, is a poor denial of how bad it can be….thank you for having the courage to say all this… certainly helped me….i respect you very much for who you are and the writing risks you take….

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