Lisa Leshaw: The Culture of Beauty

I have been having this conversation with friends, family, students, and, yes, myself, so much recently (and for what feels like most of my 44 years). Change is needed. It’s time!

The Roar Sessions

Makeup“You’ll love her. She’s got a terrific personality.” A statement made by a well-meaning friend arranging a blind date for you.

Translation: She’s not beautiful by any means so by highlighting her good nature your friend somehow is attempting to soften the blow.

Why is it even necessary to soften the blow if in fact the old adage “Beauty is only skin-deep” holds true?

Because we (unfortunately) exist in a society that places a GIGANTIC premium on beauty from the time we are born.

Have you ever come across advertisements for photographers specializing in baby/toddler pictures? The gallery of faces appearing before you is mesmerizing. One baby more beautiful than the next. What ever happened to the perfect average-looking baby; the ones the majority of us know, love and cherish?

From the time youngsters are mature enough to understand we (as the keepers of important life lessons) are pressured into passing along…

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