Great Legs

A little boy

Has stolen my heart

And given it back to me.
Sometimes churlish

And obstinate,

Addicted to lemonade

And Goldfish crackers,

I’ve seen him grow and blossom

With regular cajoling,


And threats (to let 

His older sisters tutor him).

The threats always work,

But usually they’re not needed.
This madcap little scamp

Who does a bit of repeating

In his haste to 

Say everything on his mind

(And there’s usually lots!), 

And has some learning frustrations,

Has nonetheless 

Opened the door for me to

Finally start loving myself.
He climbs in my lap,

Won’t call me Ms. Jen, only Jen,

And likes to stroke my skin,

Telling me how soft it is.

We visited my furniece, Brinley,

Because he loves dogs

And we’re working on reading.

He sat with me in an overstuffed 

Oversized chair,

Petting my arm,

Then sitting on my calves

Stretched between the chair and ottoman.
“I love your legs. You have the best legs, Jen,” he said as he bounced on them and read to me

From his book.  

“Good calves, nice knees!”

I laughed even as my heart grew full

With gratitude for God putting this child

Into my life.
Because I do have great legs –

Big but strong.

Strong enough to hold a bouncing 8 year old

Boy learning to read,

Strong enough to walk away from 

People who don’t care,

Strong enough to stand on my own,

Strong enough to learn to love myself.


3 thoughts on “Great Legs

  1. strong enough to learn to love myself (a big hooray for this!!!) but keep your eyes open, this boy is making his move on you: “Good calves, nice knees!”………he may take you farther than you think you can go!!!

    1. lol I’m ready, Daniel! I read an article today about a woman from LA who connected with an Irishman via Flickr and after 2 years of talking, meeting, etc. they married! So maybe there’s hope for me yet!

      1. darn right there’s “hope for you”……you are a prize, a wonderful, loving, giving person……sometimes there are not so many prize men out there (ha ha ha!)…..either they can’t commit or they want to hang all over you or they have bad habits or their anger warns you of abusive trends or whatever……slim pickings…….but you, you are special and it just takes time to find the jewel in the rough!

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