In a little town
Far away from the big city
In a shady backyard
Where the wind slides through
Branches, leaves, pine needles
Leaving sighing ripples behind
And the sun
Dapples the slightly
And warms her elbow
Where it sticks out from the shaded porch
Where she can hear
The neighbor’s sprinkler
Spinning and clicking
A do-si-do-si-do….

And she feels blessed
In this little space
That smells of new mulch
And the heated cedar shingles
On the side of the house

Because a week of palm trees
Reminded her that really,
She prefers pine trees
And seeing lightning bugs
And the stars overhead,
Having family nearby
Making friends with paint
And art
And teaching
And just being herself

And she’s working on loving herself
As she loves this place
These surroundings
Which have been here
But she’s never seen
Quite so well
As coming back to them
To find


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