Every ending
Is a beginning

Every death of a season
Is the birth of another

Even winter
Filled with skeletal branches
Hollowed gardens
A dearth of animals

Is only waiting,
April’s warmth
The sun’s return
Longer days
Thrusting Nature back into
Greeny yellow glory

So, too, are we
Am I
From time to time
In need of
A chrysalis
To shuck the old form
My dead Self

Wriggling out of
A now uncomfortable skin
Too clingy
Too inflexible
The worst goddamn pair
Of full-body Spanx ever stitched

I pull
I tug
Sweating, swearing,
Crying in frustration
And fucking cussing up a storm

But I peel that prison off of me
Like the iron bars
Cast into skin
They’ve been

I kick my way out of the darkness
My nest like a dried out paper bag
Now that I’ve conquered
My old Self

Tender skin
Raw, really
But, so much easier to breathe now
To stretch my arms
See the sky
Feel the sun fully on my face

Exposed but safer in Me
Than I ever was

Just watch me fly…


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