Beyond the Skin

Rattling around in my bones

Heavily padded with fat

With his taunts

“Drama Queen”



And, though I know

His portrayal of me

Is really and truly

All about HIM

Those barbs and lances

Are fucking sharp

My bones are proving

To be so much

Stronger and

More resilient 

Than I’d ever have believed 

Maybe this skin will help

Cushion the attacks

I’m still feeling 


Waves of hatred

Against me

These bones

I am


About love

And acceptance 


And art

Community and


These bones

Won’t be ground down

Or ground under

By some man

Whose narcissism 

Is beyond toxic

To nuclear

If I had to,

These bones would carry this


Across the damn country

Back to my home

My place

My life

Which I’ve created

And am

Ever creating

Because even though I’ve wondered,

I now know

With pure certainty 


These bones


Kickass strong

*Posted in The Roar Sessions 7-17-16
Jennifer Sekella is a teacher, tutor, artist, writer, explorer living in a little town in upstate New York; and she happens to be bipolar. She has been an AIDS Case Manager, Abstinence Educator, Alternative School Teacher, Art Educator, English Teacher, Remedial Reading Professor, Face & Body Painter, Tutor, & Artist for Hire. And she’s still learning how to be the best “human merely being” she can (e. e. cummings). Most of her writing is about the lessons learned along the way. She’s thankful for the chance to keep learning.


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Skin

  1. wonderful words, Jennifer… is so hard to stand up to verbal and emotional abuse but “these bones” have a way of finding their core and doing just that. Hooray for you!!!!!

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