Are you there, God? It’s me, Jen.


has got to be one of the most effective

character building activities

God has ever devised.


I was writing to a man – a man I wasn’t entirely sure I was interested in –

thus writing…

He lives in another state and

I haven’t yet seen his picture,

but I’m adventurous, so

why not try testing the waters.

I have found that with some people, I can get a really good read on them

from what we can do with text between us –

the verbal parrying and playful sentence crafting…


This individual (I’m using restraint – be proud of me)

was complaining, yet again, this week

because I was not prompt in my responses

to his “cutesy” email forays –

“Hi!  Whatcha doin?”

So, I let him know that, unfortunately, I’ve been ridiculously busy this week.

This lead to, “Oh, so you’re married, huh?”


“Well then what?”

How about I work three part-time jobs, just about all week, and yesterday was also

painting custom ordered wine glasses that HAD to be done last night

so that they could air dry the prescribed number of hours before then

being baked the prescribed number of minutes

and cooled

and washed

and packaged

so that they can either be picked up Thursday late at night

or first thing in the morning on Friday.


“Gee, for a chubby girl, you’d think you’d be happy to get attention.  You just seem bitter.”

“Gee, I’m not interested in a broke girl.”

“Yeah, you might say that you have a Masters degree and you might say

that you’re helping take care of your parents and you might say that

upstate NY is lacking in full-time jobs with salaries like you had in Virginia…

but I think you’re just justifying your being broke and chubby.”


So, I laughed

Told a friend

who got pissed

on my behalf

Then she laughed

and I deleted his ass

from my email account.


Dating is purgatory – surely God I’m earning my wings, right?



4 thoughts on “Are you there, God? It’s me, Jen.

  1. Well—-he gets me plenty pissed off. who the hell does HE think he is to talk to you like that! And chubby? Objectifying a bit, fella? How well do you stack up, Mr. Wrong? you are brave to do this with the miserable choices out there in the male category–but then, who knows, there must be a few not so either needy, weird, rude, or full of bad habits. Maybe?
    In solidarity and respect and friendship and caring,

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