Poetry After Dark

Talking to you 

Late at night

Laying in a comfortably rumpled bed

Naked but not at all cold

In this cocoon of sheets and blankets

Comforter and a dozen pillows

Your voice on the telephone 

Sneaking into the darkness

Beside me

Laying next to me

And laughing about

Life and drinks 

And new attempts at bartending

Reminiscing about times

Spent together 

There were never

Long enough

Or free enough

Or alone enough 

But soon

Soon we’ll meet

And revel in new drinks

And trying food we’ve never tasted before 

And tasting

One another

In ways we’ve never

Done before 

Because we want to

And because time



Gets away from you

And me

And the world

So fuck it –

Why not?

We’re gonna carpe diem the whole damn

Time we seize 


And promising dreams

Are enough 

For tonight 

But not for long, boy, no,

Man, that is

So I had better see you

See your body

Big and strong, 

Feel your mouth on mine

Very soon

This girl,

This woman, I am,

Will not wait


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