His voice,

smoky, resonant, deep and touching me beneath the skin

echoing inside of my hollow places

warming me from the inside out.

His eyes

dark and fathomless

full of love and laughter

hunger and passion

a different heat there

which ignites a different and yet mirrored fire inside of me

these inky depths invite me to play.

Then his skin, his hands, his body

so incredibly dark and richly powerful next to my pale white softness.  Wherever

he touches I can feel

the heat following,

like he is trailing

melting caramel

painting it in a path of want

and desire.

Our skin together – precious drums, he, and fair one, me,

like a tapestry of light and dark.

Drunk on each other, honey from my lips to his,

both inlaid with fire

hidden beneath simple skin.

Hearts beating, racing toward new heights, shared delights,

dancing, we

combine our art,

our lives,

our passion,

in this chiaroscuro romance.



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