Driving back to the place where I’m dog sitting tonight, I watched the color leech from the sky and fade behind the hills that surround us here.  We’ve had a few really cold days after ridiculously warm weeks for being in upstate New York.  Mother Nature has smacked us back in place with freezing temperatures that are furthered lowered by knifingly bitter cold winds that rip at your clothes and assault any exposed skin. But, I can handle the cold far better than the lack of sunshine.  And it’s been sunny, so I’ve been out.  For me, sunshine means hope.  It’s a nuclear boost in my own personal batteries.  

And perhaps that feeling is why I felt suddenly sad on seeing the sun set.  Or maybe it’s because the literal sunset evoked images of figurative sunsets – losing jobs, realizing friendships just don’t work any more, people passing away, and I guess, it’s letting go of the need, the ever present desire, to know where I’m going and what I’m doing.  

I started a book on vulnerability, and I’ve been working for years to “find out where I should be,” but it’s about faith.  I’m struggling, but life is a balance, right?  Challenge and fun – helping and taking – learning and teaching – always seeking joy and how to make things better.

So long sun – catch you on the flip side.


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