Food & Love

I love food… Oh yes, I do.

I love the summer when we can get all kinds of veggies and I pick up some yellow squash and zucchini.  I chop off the ends and then slice thick slabs of the vegetables to either dredge through egg and breadcrumbs and fry, or boil and drench in butter and salt.

I love the chicken taco dip at the Gaffer Grill in Corning (a new discovery), and the quesadilla at Boomer’s Bistro, and chili and black bean soup, which I have to pair with cold, rich and creamy sour cream to ease the burn of the spices that I still enjoy, even though I know that they will have me cursing later…

I love ice cream from local stands that are only open in the summer.  They close up tight once the fall starts to chill the air and so they’re a part of that timeless essence of all that is summer.  We go out, as a family, sometimes the whole extended family, to Fair Shake in Pine City.  There you have to order a kid’s size cone or dish because anything larger is excessive.  I discovered the Southern Peanut sundae this summer – soft serve ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter sauces, Reese’s Pieces, tons of Spanish peanuts, and whipped cream – hold the maraschino cherry, thanks.

I love the Egyptian tacos from the Global Taco truck.  Soft tacos with falafel, red pepper hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, and tahini sauce.  I head over to Chamberlain Acres nursery and can find a seat out in the shade beside the truck to eat my three little tacos with black beans and rice and a huge bottle of ice cold water.  I’m planning on visiting their reincarnation as Cheesy Rider over at a local brewery these winter months.

I love Hill Top Inn’s potatoes au gratin.  When I waitressed there eons ago, there were many nights when that was all I had for dinner.  Well, that and some Kountry Kruller snowflake rolls, warm and slathered with butter.  And, ok, maybe I’d share a slice of homemade mud pie – Oreo cookie crumb crust packed high with coffee ice cream, warm chocolate sauce drizzled atop it and then piled with fresh whipped cream.  It was especially gratifying if I knew I’d had a part in making that dessert only a day or two before.

Oh and I love the veggie panini at Turtle Leaf cafe with the baby carrots and their garlicky cream cheese dip and the sweet and juicy green grapes.

Food for me is such a sensual adventure – beyond just the taste and texture, it’s the people creating it, the place where I’m eating it, the beverage I’m drinking alongside it.  It becomes so much more for all that’s involved.  And, in truth, my favorite food – though you can’t tell from this – is food that friends or family have prepared for or with me and I can participate in with them.  It becomes more meaningful and more delicious because of the love shared with family and friends.

Mmmmmm food!

veggie sandwich






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